Haley's Comet Run
"In running, it
doesn't matter
whether you
come in first,
in the middle
of the pack, or
last.  You can
say, 'i have
There is a lot
of that."
- Fred Lebow
"WOW... this was a teriffically organized event."   CG - Eau Claire, WI

"Great cause.  Great people.  Great day for a run.  Thanks.  Hope to do it again next year."  
CG - Eau Claire, WI

"What a well organized event!!!  Loved the shirts and the hand made medals."  AD - Rice Lake,
"A terrific event!! Thank you!!"  AD - Rice Lake, WI

"I have to say, my hats off to you for such a well organized event.  This was the BEST most
ORGANIZED race event I have ever ran in.  It was a lot of fun. Thanks again for a wonderful
day!!!!"  RD - Rice Lake, WI

"Thank you.  We had a great run and are glad we participated. "  JD - Fitchburg, WI

"What a wonderful event... it was so organized and put together.  You have a lot to be proud
of - what a great success." - JZ Cameron, WI