About Us:

Running  For A Reason directors and Haley's Comet volunteers
are a group of community volunteers who care about the health
and well-being of others, who wish to promote higher education
and support charity and mission projects in the Cameron area.

Meet the Board of Directors
Patty Gerber, President
Dave Gerber, Co-Vice President
Brett Sauve, Co-Vice President
Laura Sauve, Secretary
Michelle Benoy, Treasurer
Duane Benoy
Mahala Earnhart
Nancy Lipke
Mike Lipke
Brett Ridout
"A journey of a
thousand miles
begins with a
single step."
- Confucius
The Running F.A.R. Foundation hopes to inspire, encourage and
support Cameron High School students in their pursuit of college.  
Proceeds from our races will go towards annual Haley's Comet
Running F.A.R Foundation
Who We Are
We are a mother, a father, a sister, and brothers... we are family of
runners who like to run
For A Reason.  We run to stay healthy, we run
for the challenge, we run for fun and we run for the time it gives us to
reflect on our lives and the loved ones we've lost.
"Our joys will be greater, our
love will be deeper, our lives
will be fuller, because we
shared her moments."
Running For a Reason
Running F.A.R. Foundation
2205 12 1/8 Avenue
Cameron, WI 54822
Contact Information
Haley's Comet Run